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So far I'm loving it but I haven't accomplished nearly as much as I wanted. I wanted to search through backups from before my hard disk crash or start making new art, even take photos of some other things. What have I done instead? Explored! I've discovered a community of people who truly understand and care about art in all it's forms. The thrilling part of that is, DeviantART is one huge small town.

This week alone I've seen a Lady who lost her husband, a young woman link an article where her mother spoke about how it was to raise her with a debilitating ailment, one photographer writing about copyright abuse while another wrote of the beauty he sees in one part of female anatomy and another gorgeous young model writing about what amounts to reverse discrimination for being thin. My own Great-Grandmother had that kind of metabolism. She ate huge meals and would not get up from the table without making a snack to eat between then and the next meal. I wish I had inherited that metabolism. :) In every case I saw sympathy, concern, caring and support. Yes I admit to giving my fair share before anyone asks. :)  

Like any place there are those who are different, who do not play nice, but I did not see many of them. I'm sure there are people her that are un-friendly or un-interested, well that's like the old man sitting by the road. A young couple drove up and asked him "What are the people like here?" He asked, "What were they like where you came from?" They said, "Not friendly at all. They would never talk to us, never invite us to do anything or offer any help if we needed it." The old man said, "Well you'll find them just the same here." A little while later another young couple drove up and asked him "What are the people like here?" He asked, "What were they like where you came from?" They said, "Oh it was a very friendly place. We were always talking to the neighbors, having parties and everyone would be there if we ever needed anything at all." To which the old man said, "Well you're very lucky, you'll find this place is just the same." Now another old timer who happened to be nearby said, "Why did you tell those couples such different stories?" The old man replied, "Because they are the cause of the way they are treated."

Those people will always be there. Here we have a worldwide group of people who genuinely reach out to each other. We are a global hometown. :lol: That's the conclusion I've arrived at from my first week here and the thought I wanted to share today.

Now, since I haven't been able to get around to posting any of my art yet. Perhaps tomorrow I should post some of my poems or other literature. What do you think?