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Chapter 2
Lightspeed to Tokyo

For a moment she rests there, her cheek feeling the soft carpet. The rhythmic pulse of sound almost reminds her of something. Like a soft clatter it soothes until she begins to drift off.

With a sudden start she jerks herself awake. "I can't sleep now," she thinks. "I have no idea where I'm heading. What if it's the wrong way?"

Shaking herself briefly she looks around. The train has a curiously old-fashioned look, yet out the window the stars are streaking by like lines of light. Curiously she looks out the window. The train is somehow riding those lines of light. "Is the clattering cased by the train or by passing the stars?" she wonders but quickly dismisses the thought. It's time to find out where we're going.

Working her way up the cars she's struck by how empty it is. Everything looks like the people vanished in an instant. Smoke tickles her nose from the pipe laying on a seat, a gentle hint of perfume in the air. Cards scattered, luggage in the upper bins, even the food is still fresh on the tables as if it happened in mid bite. "Is this part of why I'm here" she thinks.

Then in the front she finds the engine, sealed from the train behind a gate. "My answers must be here." The gate is solid, the lock is heavy and try as she might she can't open it. Despair bites her soul as she tries vainly to force the gate open. Eventually she cry's until falling asleep exhausted.

She wakes up feeling better with an idea. Quickly searching she finds where the conductor vanished and takes his keys. Feeling excited she opens the gate. The engine room is empty. The train is running among the stars without a destination.
My Chapter 2 entry to the Odyssey into 2012 contest
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