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Five times told could not be done
   Yet each time the victory won
Miles to go long weary road
   Home at last lay down the load
Lost the precious gift so fine
   Build precisely measure time

  This is a poem of three people who inspire me. The first two lines are about my grandmother. At 62 years old she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and the doctor told her she was in better shape than a woman of 30, well I believe it. We could never decide if she was a feminist before her time or a pioneer after her time but that woman had will power to burn. Five time the doctors told her she would never walk again, she made a liar out of them every time.

  The next 2 lines are actually about a great uncle of hers. He was captured during the civil war and held in a POW camp in New Jersey, virtually starved to death. At the end of the war they set him outside the gates and forgot about him. Now he is recorded as being 6'9" but not shaved, bathed, in rags and starved looking, nobody would give him food or a lift so he walked home to Alabama living on what he could scrounge. He weighed in at 98 lbs when he got there but he made it.

  The last 2 lines are not about someone related to me, but I'm fascinated by the story, and I'm using it for inspiration too. It's about a soldier from WW2 that lost both his hands. He had the crude mechanical claws they issued to soldiers in that day, but somehow he made clocks that are today considered American classics and true works of art. The amazing thing is he taught himself how to do this after the loss of his hands because he couldn't go back to his manual labor job from before the war.
  There's a famous story where Winston Churchill, in his later life, gave a graduation speech at a University. When it came time for his speech he got up and said: "Never, ever give up." then he sat back down. There was a slow moment as the students thought of who he was and what he had accomplished before they slowly began to rise to a thunderous standing ovation. These three people LIVED that belief!

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October 21, 2011
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